Participatory research

Participatory research with children and young people  is a crucial element of my academic and research work which I combine with social activities from below. Participation and awareness of what it is matters…

I’m member of a participatory research team:  Młodzi w czasach koronawirusa/ Youth in times of Covid-19 time, Poland, 2020-2021


The title of the next project is: Participatory field research in a rehabilitation centre and is implemented in eastern part of Poland with young people in socially fragile contexts. The research aims at analysing how the correctional and therapeutic centre operates as an element of the rehabilitation system for minors.

Special focus is on exploring and describing the sub-systems of this institutionalised form of working with adolescents consistent with the organisation of the centre: temporary room, education groups, school, dormitory, organisation of leisure and the functioning of a diagnostic team as well as how the pupils become independent. The research will be conducted by volunteers – students and graduates of social studies, who will be trained to conduct the study in participatory oriented approach. The research will be conducted with the staff and pupils of a Juvenile Detention Centre in Białystok in 2021.

More about participatory approaches:

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Children’s rights through Janusz Korczak’s perspective and
their relation to children’s social participation
Urszula Markowska-Manista und Dominika Zakrzewska-Olędzka: