Academic interests:

– childhood studies and studies on the rights of children in so-called “fragile contexts” analysed through a postcolonial perspective, conducted in the stream of female, indigenous field research in culturally diverse backgrounds; 

– indigenous research on the daily life and education of children and adolescents from minority groups in Central Africa, the Horn of Africa and the South Caucasus; 

– research on the social adaptation as well as social and cultural conditioning of development of children who are marginalised and excluded from education in culturally diverse backgrounds, children on the move and children “out of place”; 

– genocide studies and “difficult knowledge”; 

– indigenous education, education of national and ethnic minorities, education of migrants; the problem of sustainable development, human rights and transformation in the traditions of  minorities and migrants in Central Europe, Central Africa, the Horn of Africa and the South Caucasus

Program Director & Lecturer – Master on Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights (MACR), Faculty/ University: Department of Education and Psychology, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany  2016


More information:

Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw

MACR, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam