International activity


Organisation of International UNESCO Summer Schools

Co-organization and organisation of International Summer Schools, held by the UNESCO/Janusz Korczak Chair, the M. Grzegorzewska University (2008-2017)


10th International Summer School “The contemporary problems of children and childhood in multicultural societies- theory, research, praxis”, 15th -24th September 2016, Warsaw, Poland

9th International Summer School “Readaptation and reintegration as problems of refugee children”, 14th– 24th September 2015, Warsaw, Poland



11th International Summer School: “International experiences in the area of refugee and migrant children’s adaptation – theory, research, praxis”. 7 – 16 September 2017 the UNESCO/ Janusz  Korczak Chair at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw (Poland)


8th International Summer School “Problem behaviors in adolescence – forms, condition, prevention”, September 15th – 25th, 2014, Warsaw, Poland