ESOL/ Bilingual Education, College of Education University of Florida USA, Member of a Graduate Student’s Supervisory Committee & Guest Expert, 2018-2020

Master Studies in Cultural Relations and Migration/ Kulturelle Beziehungen und Migration, Sigmund Freud University Berlin, Germany (module: Bildung in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft), Lecturer 2016-2021

Childhood Studies – Ewangelische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany,  Lecturer 2015-2021

UNESCO Janusz Korczk Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies on Child Development and Well-being, The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw (UNESCO Chair no 666) – nomination from UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems Section for Higher Education, UNESCO PARIS, no ref. ED/PLS/HED/17/291 – acting Chairperson of the UNESCO J.Korczak Chair 2017- 2018

Academic-research cooperation  with Prof. Ph. G. Zimbardo on the Polish adaptation of the Heroic Imagination Project,  including co-authorship of the article: “Heroic Imagination Project -a tool of social change. An interdisciplinary  approach to contemporary problems of education” 
member of the first Polish Z-TEAM (, 2013-2014

 Z-Team on International Conference on Time Perspective (ICTP)



Cooperation with researchers from Sweden and Germany in the preparation of an international application on a research project: “In the wake of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: The interpretation and realization of the
child’s perspective in social work with refugee children in Sweden, Poland and Germany to 
Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies Östersjöstiftelsen, 2016-2017

Academic  work initiating a research project (preparation of the
research project application) within the EU Horizon 2020 Work Programme Europe in a changing world. Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies REV-INEQUAL-06-2016 “Tackling inequalities at their roots: new policies for fairness in education from early age”, leader of the project: Ewangelische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, 2015-2016

Academic-research cooperation with the Cultural-Educational Association of Poles in Georgia ‘Polonia’ and prof. Maria Filina, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia, South Caucasus.

Study visit in Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia საქართველოს განათლებისა და მეცნიერების სამინისტრო






Cooperation on the coordination of the international project Children’s Rights Erasmus Academic Network (CREAN) International European Union Project, realized within the EU Lifelong Learning program managed by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission, 2012-2015


2005-2012, coordinator of the Polish group and study activities within the international cooperation between EU and South Caucasus countries: Euroforum East/West Platform, La Pčch’, Solidarité Internationale (programs SALTO, Youth in Action European Union)




2009-2010 – coordinator of the project: ‘Universities in the face of problems of global and developmental education. Theoretical and practical perspectives of developmental education implementation at the Academy of Special Education as a chance for the development in African countries in the 21st century’, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through ‘Polish Aid’ 2009 grant for research institutions and scientific units: grant no. 1233/ER/2009. The project was highly evaluated and presented in the EU GENE report in Polish and English language versions

Expert in “Technical Assistance in the field of Early and Preschool Education” – Development cooperation programme: Technical assistance to supporting competent systems for professionalizing early and preschool education workforce in Georgia, UNICEF 2019.